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The General Meeting of Assarredo, one of the major associations of FederLegnoArredo, held on 2 February 2017 in Milan at the Fondazione Giacomo Feltrinelli, elected Mr Claudio Feltrin, entrepreneur from Treviso and leader of Arper, President of the national association Assarredo for the three-year period 2017-2019

An important recognition of great significance for Claudio Feltrin who, thanks to the successful experiences gained and strategies implemented at the family business Arper, made his entrepreneurial expertise available to the Association and the companies in the furniture industry. Four key words will characterise the presidency of Mr Feltrin in Assarredo: Listening, Transparency, Competitiveness and Internationalisation. These are the values that the entrepreneur adopted, spread and developed in the Venetian company Arper, founded and managed together with his family since the end of the ‘80s. This programme is based on the awareness of how valuable internationalisation is and on the intention to listen to the entrepreneurs and companies of Assarredo, in order to develop association activities capable of supporting the companies within a complex and very competitive background such as the current one, so as to enhance and protect one of the Italian most distinctive businesses worldwide.

Claudio Feltrin: “I wish to thank all the Colleagues of the Association for their trust, expressed through this vote. I will start working immediately to translate the guidelines defined in my programme into real targets that we will pursue together, sharing ideas and paths. Our Association represents the excellence of the furniture industry, a sector in which our country represents an undisputed benchmark all over the world. Thus, our priority will be to ensure that the Italian companies in the Furniture industry are able to express their entrepreneurial and creative abilities at their best on the international scenario. I am honoured to take over from President Anzani, to whom I wish to express my gratitude for the invaluable contribution he has given, with his guide, to Assarredo, and I wish to express my best wishes to the Designated President of Federlegno, Mr Orsini.

Assarredo is the national Association of manufacturers of furniture, upholstery, kitchens, sleeping systems, furnishing accessories, and furniture for business. Founded in 1979, Assarredo is one of the ten associations members of FederlegnoArredo, the trade industrial confederation that represents the wood, cork, furniture and furnishing sectors. The task of Assarredo is to represent, support and protect the Italian companies of the furniture industry, promoting their interests at a local, national and international level.

Arper is an Italian company that manufactures and distributes chairs and tables worldwide, for communities, workplaces and home. The company - the brainchild of the Feltrin family - in 1989 launched an industrial project focused on design, and became a BtB company that uses new materials and technologies, mindful of environmental and social sustainability.

The company is an international structure with 11 showrooms in the major capitals worldwide. These spaces play different strategic roles for the development of the specific markets. Four showrooms are used as offices of the affiliates of the Group: New York (office of Arper USA), Dubai (office of Arper Middle East), London (office of Arper UK) and Tokyo (office of Arper Japan). Currently, two branches exist: Arper Sweden and Arper Singapore. Milan, Cologne, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo, Chicago are used as exhibition areas and as places for the local design communities to meet and discuss. Additionally, there is an in-house showroom at the Headquarters in Treviso.

Under the lead of President Claudio Feltrin, who in 2016 took over his father Luigi, currently Honorary President, the company has always availed itself of the collaboration of designers capable of interpreting the brand at a design level, consistently with the corporate values that that account for today’s international standing of the company. Nowadays, Arper represents a thriving business with a turnover of Euro 67 million in 2015, up by 23% from 2014, and with a forecast for 2016 of a consolidated turnover in excess of Euro 70 million.



Starting this year, Arper will become part of Guggenheim Intrapresae, a prestigious group of internationally renowned companies that support the exhibitions and activities of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice since 1992.

Arper manufactures and globally distributes furniture for the contract and home sectors. Guided by the principles of sustainability and business ethics, the company has achieved significant growth and prominence worldwide since its founding in 1989 in Treviso. Arper is driven to promote its philosophy that privileges culture and sustainability of its choices, from selection of materials to their processing methods, from the care and respect for the environment to the ethical treatment of workers.

“By joining the group Guggenheim Intrapresæ, we want to contribute to the culture and the common good of civil society with a concrete gesture, as I am convinced that our actions are influenced by and affect all that is around us,” noted Claudio Feltrin Arper’s president and CEO. “We have always believed that companies must be socially responsible. For Arper being invited to this prestigious network was very important, so that we can actively contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and culture, which are the basis for building a better society to live in, now and in the future”.

Guggenheim Intrapresæ, the first and best known Italian private sponsorship project for a museum, was founded in 1992 as a strategic partnership between the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and a number of companies that share a passion for art and believe in investing in culture. The group is made up of twenty-two major companies that stand out for their commitment to cultural and social responsibility projects. “Peggy Guggenheim was one of the most charismatic figures in the history of twentieth-century art collecting, a great promoter of the art of her time” said Philip Rylands, director of the museum. "Her innovative, forward-looking and eclectic spirit inspires today all those companies that have chosen to embrace her vision and be associated with it, thereby enhancing the enjoyment of the art of today and tomorrow."


Arper’s growth on international markets began in Milan, the world capital for industry. It is here in 2011 that Arper first opened its showroom, which has become a place for architects and interior designers to develop their projects and get inspired.

Then followed 11 more showrooms in the world’s foremost capitals, from London to Stockholm, from Dubai to New York, and to the recent opening of the Tokyo’s showroom last November.

The year 2016 comes to a close for Arper with the opening of the refurbished showroom in via Pantano in Milan, which underwent a total makeover signed by the Spanish design studio Lievore Altherr. The interior design project created for this space reflects an essential and contemporary elegance that matches and highlights the style of Arper’s collections, sharing unique and simple designs that express timeless values.

Wood is the absolute protagonist of the project, a material which the Lievore Altherr Studio has chosen to connect the different areas of this contemporary space giving it a warmer, relaxing and conducive atmosphere.

As Jeannette Altherr, LA Studio, explains, “wood creates a sense of continuity between the different areas of the showroom, thus expressing a coherent vision. It connects the area at the front, where visitors are received, to the area at the back of the showroom housing the workspaces and meeting rooms, also leading to the basement floor dedicated to design activities and experiments and to meetings with architects. Coupled with the extensive use of wood, the new stylish and minimalistic design of the refurbished space highlights the collections on display”.

The natural light coming in through the windows overlooking via Pantano and through the outdoor courtyard at the center of the showroom, strongly characterizes the space and emphasizes its volumes. Compounded by a specially redesigned lighting concept, it enhances colors and fabrics of the products on display and highlights details in upholstery and finishes.

An important architectural feature of the showroom has also received a complete makeover: the big, harmonious spiral staircase now looks like a solid block of wood encouraging a visit to the basement floor, where architects can find a suitable space as well as assistance for their projects for the contract sector, especially at the decision and customization phase.

The refurbished showroom in Milan was indeed conceived first and foremost as a place for designers to tap their creativity. A space specially dedicated to materials: fabrics, finishes and colors are at the architects’ disposal in a welcoming atmosphere that fully reflects the brand’s philosophy and its potential.

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