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The Italian furniture company Arper debuts its first Meeting Hub in Belgium, located in an ancient villa in the peaceful countryside near Bruges (Flanders). The 120 m2 space in Beernem will give a lively impression of the versatile Arper collection of designer chairs, sofas and tables. Architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts are invited to meet, get inspired and develop their projects in the serene setting of the Meeting Hub. The Arper space will also be used for training sessions, as the quiet surroundings boost concentration levels.

Arper manufactures and distributes designer chairs, sofas and tables for contract, home and work sectors worldwide. The company is the outcome of an entrepreneurial project that began in 1989 as the evolution of a small leather manufacturing company founded in the 1980s by the Feltrin family. Today Arper is an international company with 11 showrooms in major design capitals worldwide. Each showroom plays a strategic role in the development of each local market. Four showrooms house the offices of the Group’s subsidiaries: New York, Dubai, London and Tokyo. Currently, two branches exist: Arper Sweden and Arper Singapore. The showrooms in Milan, Cologne, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo, Chicago are brand ambassador exhibition spaces and places for the local design communities to meet and discuss. Additionally, Arper has an in-house showroom at its Headquarters in Treviso.
Within this growth process, the opening of the Arper Meeting Hub in Belgium is an important step forward for Arper, as it foresees the possibility to build new long lasting collaborations and further develop existing relationships with the local design community in Belgium. The Meeting Hub will primary be a place for designers to enhance their creativity and to co-create. To that end, the new Meeting Hub will be hosting gatherings, meetings and trainings. “We are pleased to inaugurate this beautiful space – says Claudio Feltrin, Arper President and CEO – Belgium is representing a relevant opportunity for Arper, and the meeting hub is the perfect space for architects and designers to meet, share ideas and create”.

The Meeting Hub in Beernem is dedicated to the company’s furnishing solutions that go beyond function alone and combine simplicity, flexibility and beauty. The style of the collections reflects an essential and contemporary elegance that express timeless values. Arper will showcase its collection of products including chairs – task, lounge and contract models –, sofas and tables. Among them the company’s successful Catifa collections, Parentesit acoustic wall mounted and freestanding panels and the Kinesit task chair, all designed by Lievore Altherr Molina. Other representative collections that shaped Arper’s identity are the Steeve sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud, Pix ottomans and tables by the Japanese designer Ichiro Iwasaki, Nuur table by Simon Pengelly and Juno chair by James Irvine.

Arper Meeting Hub
Sint-Jorisstraat 82
8739 Beernem


Martedì 27 giugno Arper, azienda di Monastier di Treviso, ha dedicato un open day ai bambini per accogliere i figli dei dipendenti. I piccoli ospiti hanno avutola possibilità di vivere gli spazi dove lavorano i genitori, trascorrendo la giornata in modo originale e giocoso.

Una giornata dedicata ai più piccoli per vedere dove lavorano mamma o papà, capire cosa fanno nelle ore in cui sono fuori casa e conoscere i colleghi di lavoro.
Via libera al tour tra uffici, scrivanie e reparti produttivi per i bimbi dai 18 mesi in su, accompagnati da genitori e animatori.
I baby-ospiti hanno trascorso la giornata divertendosi con laboratori e attività: accolti dai trampolieri, i bambini hanno dedicato la mattinata a “interpretare” creativamente la seduta Juno, con colori e stoffe. I più grandi hanno riempito l’albero dei pensieri appositamente allestito, e hanno pranzato insieme a genitori e colleghi in un momento di allegria che contagia tutta l’azienda.

Arper ha una media di dipendenti giovani (al di sotto dei 40 anni) ) e le nascite sono un motivo di orgoglio per tutta la famiglia Feltrin: non solamente per Claudio, Presidente e AD dell’azienda, che ha sostenuto con entusiasmo l’iniziativa da subito, ma in primis per il padre Luigi, fondatore dell'azienda insieme ai figli Claudio e Mauro nel 1989 e attuale Presidente d’Onore di Arper, il quale saluta quotidianamente tutti i dipendenti, passando di scrivania in scrivania, di reparto in reparto. Nasce proprio da qui la volontà di creare questa iniziativa volta a conciliare la sfera personale con quella lavorativa, con l’intento che diventi un appuntamento annuale estivo, a seguito della chiusura dell’anno scolastico.

L'azienda ritiene importante creare un ambiente di lavoro che tenga conto delle esigenze dei dipendenti e questo evento vuole testimoniare la centralità delle persone nella visione aziendale di Arper.

Arper at Neocon 2017

“Together” is Arper’s concept for NeoCon 2017; a new perspective that places relationships at the center of design.

“Together” strongly sums up the theme of the community: spaces that adapt to new situations and suit the needs of everyday life. The theme of being together in harmony has always been at the foundation of Arper’s creation, design and production: shells, bases, accessories, materials, colors, and fabrics that work together flexibly and fluidly in order to achieve top results.

Arper will debut its new products and significant product updates in the brand’s permanent showroom on the 3rd floor of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart during Neocon, June 12-14, 2017.

New products this year include:

Arcos, designed by Lievore Altherr, 2017
The Arcos collection is a restrained interpretation of Art Deco’s geometric glamor––without the ornamentation. Though lightweight and quiet, Arcos maintains a graphic presence due to its signature cast aluminum armrests that form twin curves evoking the elegant rhythms of commanding archways seen in the corridors and walkways of architecture throughout the famed era.

The Arcos collection mirrors its classical source of inspiration in both form and context. Designed with public spaces in mind, the collection features a chair, lounge chair and sofa, all with armrests to accommodate lounge, dining, and waiting room settings. Special care was dedicated to the color customizations with the possibility to create a monochrome of velvet-like, inky hues in both upholstery and matte lacquer metal for an expression that signals understated expression.

Cila, designed by Lievore Altherr, 2017
A simple gesture, a sensuous feel. The fluid form of Cila was inspired by the image of layers of cloth enveloping the body. Its silhouette of smooth lines retains a graphic character from its distinctive curve –– the most essential symbol of shelter, being protected, being held. Cila’s easy shape blends into both residential and contract environments and is especially well suited for dining and entertaining contexts. Comfortable yet lightweight, Cila’s plastic shell can be customized in six colors with optional seat cushions or fully upholstered in a range of textures, colors, and styles. Base and leg options include metal legs, wooden legs, a metal sled or a trestle base.

Catifa Up, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, 2017
As much a part of Arper’s identity as it is a testament to enduring design, Catifa 53 is produced following an exclusive manufacturing process pioneered by Arper to synthesize concept, form, and production. Catifa 53’s graceful curves and sleek, sensuous silhouette are achieved through an economy of materials. Catifa’s iconic shape is ubiquitous in use. Comfortable in both residential and contract environments, the chair is available in an array of colors, materials and constructions. New for 2017, Catifa Up offers a higher backrest than the original Catifa 53, and the addition of optional armrests and plush padding to lend stately comfort and support to boardrooms, workplaces, home offices, and conference rooms. A new range of upholstery options delivers visual intrigue to an indelible design. With Catifa Up, elegance and comfort team up to get the job done.

Product Updates

Meety, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, 2016
Meety borrows its visual language from the architecture of the bridge: strong but lightweight, supportive but with room for air. Meety’s distinctive aluminum legs provide a sturdy foundation to suspend multiple tabletop options that can be customized to suit diverse contexts. For large group gatherings or the intimacy of home life, Meety’s elegant system has an option to suit any need: a soft, fluid boat shape imparts warmth and openness while the trapezoid tabletop shape can be arranged to meet the myriad demands of the workplace.
New for 2017, Meety’s dynamic system expands even further with new finishes and customizations. Thick and substantial smoked glass tabletops in round or boat-shaped options showcase understated allure. New satin matte surfaces in Forbo linoleum are now available in Pebble Grey, Powder Pink and black. A new range of colors for the Fenix laminate top arrive with options in black, white, Beige Luxor, Efeso Grey or Castoro Ottawa and base options in black, white, or anthracite grey to help the archetypal form of Meety seamlessly integrate into any setting. And for the workspace, Meety is now available with technological features to meet the demands of modern offices. Possibilities for cable grommets and trays, built-in vertical cable organization and a modesty panel have added contemporary utility to Meety’s timeless silhouette.

Nuur, designed by Simon Pengelly, 2009
Nuur is the essential form of a table distilled: a single plane balanced on four legs. Its universality makes Nuur supremely adaptable, integrating effortlessly into any environment ––from contract to residential, from the workplace to the intimate space of the home.
Originally designed in square or rectangular tabletops of colored laminate or wood veneer, Nuur expands its visual vocabulary with the addition of four new Fenix colorways: black, white, Bromo Grey, and Colorado Pink. It’s a distinctive new coat for a chameleon with endless adaptability.
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