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Design by Metrica (Bruno Fattorini - Robin Rizzini), 2014

Adaptable, open and generous, the Cross Table is equally suited for the boardrooms, residential spaces or for collaborative work environments. Thanks to optional configuration arrangements it can serve as a temporary meeting ground for group gatherings or a communal work station with room enough to share.

The table’s substantial length, both minimal and architectural, features a sturdy structure with ample space to create. A central outlet allows computers to plug in accommodating the ever-changing needs of the dynamic, contemporary office. Cross offers a flexible, supportive workspace with sleek, consummate style. Cross Table is available in many different configurations for the home or office.
Cross has expanded its line to include wooden finishes in veneered natural oak and veneered wenge, two colors that add warmth and a natural feel to Cross’s superlative functionality. Finishes and accessories make Cross Table adaptable to any environment—for work, for home, for creativity.

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