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Design by Garcia Cumini, 2023

Mix it up, pull it out, put it away, make some space, set it on display. Endlessly customizable and finished on all sides for nomadic use, the Semiton is an adaptive piece that adds structure, surface, and storage to any space. Different shelving and storage modules along with a broad range of finishes provide almost infinite configurations, that can be expanded with further modules in order to adapt to different needs and demands. Whether used as a surrounding structure or striking centerpiece, Semiton offers beautiful possibilities.

The Semiton collection is a modular system composed of a powder-coated aluminium structure, able to accommodate respectively two or three units, which can be occupied by storage modules or top modules.
The storage modules are available in two heights (30 or 60 cm) and in three different versions: shelf, open or equipped with doors. The customisation possibilities make it possible to configure the individual modules in a wide range of finishes and colours, from lacquered MDF to wood veneer. The modules are arranged for wiring, allowing an efficient cable management.
The configuration possibilities are completed by the veneered top modules, rectangular or with a rounded side, available in two formats.
All components can be completely disassembled, to facilitate the reuse or recycling of the materials.

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