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27 giugno 2021

Arctic Hilltop, © Jouni Ketola | Miller&Lean© Jouni Ketola | Miller&Lean

Hotel Iso-Syöte stands on a hilltop in one of the snowiest areas of Finland, next to a quiet national park. It offers a range of winter activities, including ski slopes, dogsled and reindeer safaris, and an atmosphere of calm based on first-class service.

Entirely renovated after a fire destroyed most of the building in 2018, it was reopened to the public in late 2020. The new facility has a reception area, lounge, restaurant, spa, roughly 30 rooms, 30 cottages and a dozen suites – one of which has been listed among the world’s most romantic suites by various international travel magazines. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views, while wood, stone and the other natural materials ensure a seamless transition between the human-made structure and the surrounding landscape.

Arctic Hilltop, © Jouni Ketola | Miller&Lean© Jouni Ketola | Miller&Lean

The connection with nature is strong, and the harmony of the colors, materials, decorative elements and the environment can be seen everywhere. Every detail has been carefully refined to convey a sense of peaceful serenity. “Only by visiting this place one can really understand the vibe and atmosphere,” says Juha Kuukasjärvi, owner and manager. “The journey starts from outside the hotel, when people first arrive and experience amazing views on the bridge that leads to the entrance.

“The lobby and the communal areas had to convey the feeling of togetherness. They needed to be the perfect place for people to meet and gather, while the big windows allow them to enjoy the views from wherever they are in the hotel.”

Arper furniture is mainly utilized on the third floor, in the lounge. The Colina, Cila and Catifa 46 high stools have been chosen to complement the look and feel of the hotel.

Arctic Hilltop, © Jouni Ketola | Miller&Lean© Jouni Ketola | Miller&Lean

“As a designer, my job was to stay humble and not compete with nature, but to work with it,” says Tatu Ahlroos, interior architect.

“We were aiming for a Nordic/rustic feeling, but with a modern twist. While the hotel is built with raw, natural and rural materials, the furniture has an international feel. Arper products were the perfect match for what we wanted to achieve. They give the hotel a more continental feeling, blending with the materials.”

The design of Colina and Cila, with their soft edges and natural curves, is in tune with the structure. The trestle bases allow customers to rotate comfortably without having to move the seat – allowing people to sit together or to enjoy a more secluded break.

Arctic Hilltop, © Jouni Ketola | Miller&Lean© Jouni Ketola | Miller&Lean

The sleek Catifa 46 high stools in eco-friendly coated fabric complete the décor. With their sophisticated character, these stools are the perfect addition to the contemporary atmosphere in the bar. Tatu continues: “What I particularly appreciated is that Arper products are extremely versatile –they all work well together, to perfectly create the space we had in mind.”

The hotel has been built to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The materials chosen, including wood, stone and copper, are almost entirely locally sourced and crafted by hand. Old reindeer fences have been taken from the wilderness and used on the walls, and the carpets are also recycled. Heating for the hotel and pool is produced by burning wood waste from a local sawmill, making the energy 100% renewable. To keep the hotel as green as possible, a sustainable development program constantly measures and adjusts water and energy consumption, while reducing waste.

Hotel Iso-Syöte is a place in which to recharge and reconnect with nature, which is the main attraction and always comes first – interior design, furniture selection and environmental focus work together in harmony to create the perfect destination for the mind and soul.
Juha continues: “Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, we too have been able to overcome adversities, and to transform this hotel into a hospitality venue that will be hard to forget for those who visit.”

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