Arper at Maggie's at the Royal Marsden

Maggie's at the Royal Marsden, © John Short© Ab Rogers Design

Maggie’s is an independent UK-based charity founded by writer, gardener and designer Maggie Keswick Jencks, who drew from her own experience to create welcoming and positive spaces in which people with cancer, their family and friends, could receive practical advice and psychological support.

Maggie’s Centres are located beside major hospitals across the UK and internationally. Designed by world-renowned architects and designers, these spaces recognise the importance of design and architecture to make people feel better.

Maggie's at the Royal Marsden, © John Short© Ab Rogers Design

Arper’s collections Arcos and Bardi’s Bowl Chair have been selected by Ab Rogers Design to furnish Maggie’s at the Royal Marsden.

"The design scheme for Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden has been conceived to complement the excellent services of the hospital, providing a calm oasis set in a peaceful garden – somewhere to escape to and take strength from”, Ab Rogers Design says.

Maggie's at the Royal Marsden, © John Short© Ab Rogers Design

Light, colour and a connection to nature allow the space to become calming and welcoming.

“The design prioritises daylight and transparency, externally its fan-like shape has been dictated by the movement of the sun, allowing it to enter the building throughout the day and animate it through the interplay of light and shadow”, Ab Rogers Design comments.

Maggie's at the Royal Marsden, © John Short© Ab Rogers Design

“Looking from inside to out, long views and glass walls create a strong relationship with the specially commissioned landscape all around”.

Each room within the project varies in scale and colour scheme according to its function.

According to Ab Rogers Design, “the Arper furniture pieces have resonated with the scheme as they show a strong character, yet are versatile and suited to the different areas of the building, which have all their very own individuality.

Maggie's at the Royal Marsden, © John Short© Ab Rogers Design

Open sitting areas featuring yellow accent walls are furnished with Arper’s Arcos chairs and armchairs upholstered respectively in light grey and olive green, and Bardi’s Bowl Chair upholstered in pure green.

Arper’s Arcos armchairs with dark burgundy upholstery also find their perfect setting in smaller private areas within the building, defined by crimson red walls.

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