A natural ecosystem

27 June 2022
A natural ecosystem

Created in March 2021, the AmberMeeting Office is located in the Central Business District, in the heart of Xi’an, China. Defined by a strong, international and modern style, the colorful project is designed to provide its employees and customers with a special, welcoming atmosphere. Designed by Dang Ming from Hong Designworks and Li Dandi from Yimu.design Studio, AmberMeeting Office’s futuristic aesthetics is inspired by nature and art.


The concept of the space revolves around the idea of a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, and is expressed through the use of land art, an artistic technique that uses nature as a way to develop an holistic concept.

© Tan Xiao | Ten Photo Studio

This technique is expressed by using specific colors and textures, such as the rough textured ceiling and the wavy pattern on the carpet. These textures are inspired by the visible surfaces of natural elements, such as the water ripples, the veins of leaves and the bark of the trees.

The space aims to create a sense of community, to bring people together and to connect them with nature and its elements. Nature can be found not only in textures and colors, but also in major elements within the office, such as a corridor that resembles a green forest, or booths that give us the feeling of being under a tree.

The idea is that, under this extensive area of greenery, nerves relax and creative juices flow more freely.

© Tan Xiao | Ten Photo Studio

Sustainability plays an important role in the design of the space. Highly sustainable materials and furniture were chosen and, when selecting them, the designers ensured they adhered to all environmental standards. The original maple plywood uses no paint and is completely biodegradable and recyclable – as is the carpet. For the green walls, sustainable textiles were used.

© Tan Xiao | Ten Photo Studio

“When we discovered the brand Arper in 2019, we immediately felt a deep connection with its design ethos and values” says Dang Ming.

“We chose Arper because all our design ideas fit very well with its products, due to their incredible versatility and the wide range of fabrics and forms offered. We felt that these products were perfectly in line with the space”.

AmberMeeting Office AmberMeeting Office AmberMeeting Office AmberMeeting Office


Architect: HONG Designworks

Designers: Dang Ming / Li Dandi

Photo: Tan Xiao | Ten Photo Studio

Arper products: Catifa 46, Catifa 80, Catifa Up, Dizzie, Kiik, Pix, Paravan