Arper for McLaren: a natural fit

McLaren selected Arper for the interiors of its car dealerships worldwide network.
The project’s main challenge was to ensure design consistency throughout all stores by adapting the same interior design concept to specific space requirements.
Elliot Morris, Retail Design Manager, McLaren Automotive talks to us about this project and the collaboration with Arper.

© Altan Omer

What was the design concept behind McLaren’s global project?

We wanted to create a retail environment that embodies our brand DNA, a showroom that really reflects our technical prowess without taking away from the car. Arper’s products allowed us to reach this goal by blending sinuously with each of the many different settings. After all the car is star!

What was your inspiration when you were assigned the project?

Our home at the McLaren Technology Centre really is at the heart of where the magic happens. We wanted to recreate a little piece of that, a window into our world.

Why did you choose Arper among other brands?

We have built up a good relationship with Arper in London over the years and have really seen the company’s product range go from strength to strength. Their ability to combine great design with great quality along with their valuable support is important to McLaren and therefore a natural fit.

How much has customization influenced your choice of Arper products?

Most our customers really enjoy customizing their car at McLaren so we appreciate this aspect and understand its value. To reflect this, it was imperative we offer our retailers an exclusive product. Both the Arper customized Loop sofa and the Catifa 80 armchair with the McLaren embroider logo really fitted the brief and soon became iconic features.

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