Casa della Fantasia of Sarmede

Lucile Placin illustration© Lucille Placin

Arper in the new Casa della Fantasia of Sàrmede: in support of the imagination, games, color.

Saturday, October 27th will be a very special day for Sàrmede: on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of “Le immagini della fantasia” (The images of the imagination), the exhibition of illustrations for children, it will also be inaugurated the new Casa della Fantasia (House of Imagination). A great achievement, considering that only last summer Leo Pizzol - President of the Foundation for the International Exhibition of Illustrations for Children – pointed out the lack of resources allocated to the new House project's completion. Arper answered the call, furnishing the spaces of the centre built next to the City Hall, which will host the Foundation's upcoming activities. The colour of the Juno and Catifa collections lights up these spaces, filled with the genuine wonder of play and the magic of the imagination.

Violeta Lopiz illustration© Violeta Lopiz

The exhibition “Le immagini della fantasia”

The idea ​​of setting up an exhibition came in 1982 during a meeting of friends at the home of Štěpán Zavřel, an illustrator from Prague fleeing the Soviet invasion, who took refuge in the hills of Sàrmede and had been living there since 1969. Since its inception in 1983, the movement created by the exhibition has taken great strides in creating a culture of illustrations for children. In 1999, the exhibition's committee became the Štěpán Zavřel International Foundation for the Exhibition of Illustrations for Children, to memorialize the artist and co-founder who had passed away.
For thirty years - from late October to mid-January - the exhibition has been turning Sàrmede, a small town in the hills of Vittorio Veneto and Pordenone, into a land of fantasy and fairytales, each year inviting more than 300 international artists and thousands of visitors, to whom it offers a fabulous journey into each country’s fantastic imagination.

Andre Neves illustration© Andrè Neves

Le immagini della fantasia 30

Casa della Fantasia
via Marconi n. 2
31026 Sàrmede (TV)

28 October - 23 December 2012
5 January - 20 January 2012

Opening: Saturday 27th October, h 18:30

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