Tutorial | Legenda

Click on the configuration to add, remove or modify the characteristics of the articles.

Tutorial | Legenda

If you have not selected any articles, you can change the finishes of the entire configuration in the appropriate window.

Tutorial | Legenda

The highlighted icon allows you to change the type of item.

Tutorial | Legenda

Left Button

Allows you to rotate the view


Allows you to zoom in on the configuration

Right Button

Allows you to drag the composition

Tutorial | Legenda
Download the configuration image in png format
View the dimensions of the entire configuration
Tutorial | Legenda
Reset and restore the default view
View the configuration in plan
Tutorial | Legenda
Add articles to the configuration, docked or stand alone
Removes items from the configuration
Tutorial | Legenda
Edit the selected article
Rotate the article 180° when rotation is allowed
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