Everyday work: new habits?

11 June 2020

How is our way of working changing in this phase of restarting, even as the pandemic continues its course? Every professional milieu responds to the need for this blended formula of home and office work in a different, more or less creative way. For some it is simply a burden, because physical distancing does not correspond to their normal processes of production and interpersonal relations. But the technological and digital acceleration imposed by lockdown situations has also opened up the possibility of new design experiments. We asked professionals in various areas of art and design about their present working scenarios and what they foresee for the near future.

I Beatrice Galilee,
design curator and critic,
executive director The World Around

My work has not changed very much, apart from meetings that now happen through video calls, which are more efficient. I believe that in the future, in-person meetings will have a true “premium” status, and will be carefully selected. Relationships with neighbors, on the other hand, have gained new force, augmenting useful relationships, also in terms of work, and bringing the community together to sustain various activities, perceiving public space as an extension of the home. In the production of cultural events I believe a mixed model will be applied: a small percentage of people who are physically present is fundamental to have qualitative feedback, combined with online programming to reach a wider audience.

Photo Credit: Lynton Pepper


II Alberto Lievore,
Architect and cofounder
Lievore + Altherr Désile Park

In the work of an architect, face-to-face interaction is essential, because we constantly evaluate and correct models and prototypes made to real scale; what is transmitted by the presence of people cannot be perceived on a screen. I do not believe in an absolute digital future. The quality and speed of face-to-face have a ratio of 3:1 with respect to digital interaction. Furthermore, working from home makes our activities much longer in terms of time. I have no doubts about the advantages of new technologies as tools, but they should not be a mandate.


III Jessica-Christin Hametner,
Editor at OnOffice Magazine

The biggest change I have seen is the sense of openness to new developments: a spirit of innovation in the creative community. Digital tools have brought continuous accelerations. OnOffice has also become an online magazine, allowing us to come into contact with more readers all over the world. And while in the past working from home implied a certain stigma, today it has become an opportunity that adds freshness and transformation to traditional workspaces and facilities. I hope some of these changes can become part of the long-awaited “new normal”.


IV Lorenzo Palmeri,
Designer and musician

In music the lockdown has sped up processes that were already in progress: professional projects done in groups, at a distance, with technological tools in the home. The attitude has also changed: there is more mutual dialogue right from the composition phase, with more fluid sharing of creative processes. We have returned to interests and ideas that were on standby, with a different mindset. And with the sensation that everything from the recent past is at a standstill, worn out: a great opportunity to look for languages and objects that are better suited to reality today.

V Davide Dato,
principal dancer at
Vienna State Opera

Davide Dato, © Matoni

Physical contact is a must in dance, from the rehearsals to production and performance in the theater. At Teatro alla Scala in Milan, they are creating a performance in which the orchestra is at a distance and the dancers remain at a safe distance from each other. Technological experimentation can open up new pathways in classical dance. Nevertheless, for me this is not a realistic direction: you cannot put aside physical contact and the interaction between dancers, because it is a vital passage of energy.

Photo Credit: Copyright Matoni

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