Beyond the local boundaries

01 luglio 2012

Arper's headquartes© Mark Mahaney

Welcome to our manufacturing plant in Treviso. The building, located across the street from the historic home of Arper’s headquarters is a kind of atelier nestled in the surrounding countryside.

Inside the building is an atmosphere of frenzied industry, including robots programmed to cut, paste and sew leathers and fabrics of every color, shape and size and skilled workers who make chairs, ottomans, sofas: it is here that high-tech engineering and craftsmanship combine to create our products.

© Mark Mahaney

But our factory extends be-yond the boundaries of this factory floor to the entire area of Treviso. This area has developed a unique economic structure in which craftsmanship, technical know-how, culture and entrepre-neurship combine to create manufacturing excellence.

Arper fabrics© Mark Mahaney

It is here that the economic model of “industrial districts” has found its highest expression at the international level: from local craft traditions has developed an advanced industrial system, based on different skills and with the spirit of cooperation, facilitated by geographical proximity, small size and professional specializations.

Our origins are in this area, but our vision extends beyond the local boundaries.

Arper colours© Mark Mahaney

In fact, we have a network of professionals and specialists throughout Europe and around the world who provide us with all their experience. Together we have the knowledge, techniques and aesthetic training to upholster and finish a chair or to design and manufacture a table better than any machine in the world.

© Mark Mahaney

In 2014, we decided to expand our presence in the U.S. with the opening of production and storage facilities in the historic town of High Point, North Carolina. The area is best known for its furniture manufacturing with a highly skilled workforce that celebrates the tradition of craftsmanship, which aligns with our values and human-centric approach to production.

© Mark Mahaney

High Point is Arper’s first production base outside of Italy and, at 100,200 square feet, nearly triples in size compared to our original plant. With a large focus on upholstery, the multiskilled facility is a strategic investment for us aiming to reduce production lead-time and carbon footprint, while enhancing consumer service in the U.S. Today, with a 20% increase of employees in operations and 70% growth in production capabilities, the High Point factory sufficiently supplies the U.S. market with Arper’s best-selling collections.

“We see incredible potential in the U.S. as one of the fastest-growing and most relevant markets for design worldwide” said Claudio Feltrin, Chairman of the Board at Arper. “High Point is the ideal base for Arper’s stateside manufacturing as we have found extremely high potential in the expertise and professionalism of local talent.”

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