Adapt, Reuse, Recycle

19 maggio 2011

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Whether driven by passion or the relentless demands of change, design is a full time job, 24/7. Now, Netherlands-based Zecc Architects has designed a flexible, multi-use office space for the communications firm Heldergroen in Harlem that helpsaccommodate and diversify round-the-clock studio life.

© CornbreadWorks

The studio space is organized by glass walls and three large tables that can be individually hoisted up to the ceiling, computers and all. This allows an open playing field for extracurricular activities: an evening lecture, a dinner party, the promotion of a new product, an exhibition or an even a yoga class. In this way, the office truly multiple use. Beyond function, the winchable tables are also ideal for preventing burglary.The hoist installation was designed and engineered by a collaborator working in the world of fly lofts and set design: the tables disappear into large ceiling recesses equipped with LED and acoustic paneled ceiling surfaces. Many of the architectural elements and surfaces are constructed with recycled materials: kitchen panels are created from flattened car doors, the table surfaces are made of reclaimed telegraph poles.

© CornbreadWorks

Amid all this adaptive reuse, the Arper Catifa Collection creates a stylistic and conceptual thread through the space. Catifa 53 chairs sit at every desk, flexible enough to work pragmatically for all the functions the multi-use office demands, aesthetically distinctive enough to lend a visual signature to the space overall. Furthermore, in keeping with the spirit of the design, their environmental impact is evaluated through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which measures the environmental impact of a product from the extraction of raw materials, through the production process, to the use and disposal to complement the overall sustainable goals of the scheme.

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