New Leather Program

© Marco Covi

New for 2018, Arper is pleased to introduce three new leather collections to the upholstery offerings, expanding capabilities for customization even further: Keen, Elmocoast and Fine, in addition to the pre-existing Elmosoft and Soft Leather. Each new collection offers unique characteristics of texture, feel, grain, and sheen. Keen features a firm grain and touch, compact texture, marked character, and is available in seven shades.
Elmocoast is soft and supple to the touch with an even surface and light grain. Available in 18 colors, Elmocoast greatly expands the color palette, making leather a more adaptable option for myriad environments.
Fine has a soft hand, compact texture, and evenly distributed grain across the surface creating a subtle sheen that gives depth to its five available colorways.

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