Mixu: Designed with sustainability at its core

12 mai 2021

Because of the urgent demands of the climate crisis, design practices and processes must be reconsidered. As designers and strategists, Gensler is committed to rethinking the built environment to adapt to and prepare for a changing world by providing design solutions that enhance human wellness, performance, collaboration and experience.

We believe that resilient design enriches the human experience and can usher in a new era of global wellness through the built environment. Mixu is Gensler’s first collaboration with Arper and has been created with sustainability goals in mind.

Recycled post-industral plastic
for the seat

Plastica riciclata

The seat is made from post-industrial recycled polypropylene, which means that it can be both recycled and reused.
The post-industrial polypropylene is sterilized, dried, and crushed into small chips as part of the fabrication process.
The post-industrial polypropylene seat is reinforced with fiberglass to enhance performances and durability. The material is labelled so to facilitate the recycling process.

Recyclable backrest

Scienale riciclabile

Robust, durable and high-performance Virgin polypropylene, reinforced with A great percentage of fiberglass, Was used to meet specific resistance Strength requirements. The backrest is Fully recyclable.

Fabrics and Leather

Tessuti e pelli

Both the backrest’s upholstery and the polyurethane foam padding are made with no glue. The backrest is completely disassemblable, allowing for recycle. The fabric upholstery of the seat with polyurethane foam padding is made with no glue nor stapling, allowing for an easy replacement and extending the life of the product.
Similarly to the fabric one, the leather Upholstery uses no glues nor stapling So to ensure all component parts can Be recycled or repurposed.

Steel metal base

Base in acciaio

The steel metal base, made with up to 70-percent recycled steel, is finished With a powder-based coat — free Of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions — so to reduce Environmental impact. Gliders are Entirely made of recyclable plastic.

European fsc certified wood

We use FSC-certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council ®) of European origin. This wood is Sustainable because it comes from forests managed following Rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

Legno certificato FSC

Wooden seat made in multi-layered FSC-certified material. The seat is strong and durable so it stays in form year after year.
Mixu’s wooden legs are made of oak solid wood and are assembled to the metal frame without glue. Keeping the different materials separable eases the

How to reduce the environmental impact
in packaging and shipping

Packaging Mixu

The product can be shipped Assembled or disassembled; In both cases, the quantity Of pieces per cubic meter Can be increased through Multiple packaging, thus Reducing the volume and Optimizing transportation. A reduced volume means Less environmental impact.
Lightweight cardboard is used To reduce shipping weight and Energy needed to transport. Cardboard boxes are 100% Recyclable and biodegradable. Reusing cardboard supports the Environment by considerably Reducing the volume of waste In landfills.

Plastic is used to protect furniture From condensation and moisture During transportation, shipping, And storage. Packaging for Mixu Includes a recyclable plastic bag For product protection. Cardboard supports — not Polystyrene — are used to fix Mixu Within the box for safe transport.

Completely disassemblable
to allow for recycling

Esploso Mixu

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