Chairs and Stools

Designer chairs and stools for interiors and exteriors in both residential and contract settings. Customisable seating, ideal for dynamic, modern spaces, for the many facets of a harmonious, comfortable lifestyle.

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  1. 5479_Arper_STACY_V25__RX00836_6602.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Sled
  2. 5496_Arper_STACY_V63__RX00566_6605.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Sled With Armrests
  3. 5473_Arper_STACY_V12_PS00001_RX00816_6601.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, Sled
  4. 5497_Arper_STACY_V63_PS00001__6603.jpg
    Plastic, Sled With Armrests
  5. 5485_Arper_STACY_V25_PS00004+PS00002__6600.jpg
    Plastic, Sled
  6. 5481_Arper_STACY_V25_PS00001_HA00166_6604.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, Sled With Armrests
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