Brief N°4 Vol. II – Work/Life

20 ottobre 2014

Illustration © Michael Kirkham

The demands of the office have changed. Technology has expanded the way we work. Our work no longer exists in one place at one time. Today, we work when we need to, in spaces where we want to be.

Photo © Matthijs van Roon

Illustration © Michael Kirkham; Photo © Matthijs van Roon

The demands of our workspaces have changed, too. We need spaces for quiet, individual contemplation and spaces for group collaboration. Privacy when we want it and public interaction when our work demands it.

Photo © Salva Lopez

Illustration © Michael Kirkham; Photo © Salva Lopez

Most of all, we want spaces that reflect who we are. We want our surroundings to match our ambitions, our environments to align with our sensibilities and desires. We need tools that are as adaptable as we are. Beyond function alone, we require spaces that supports a holistic life—work, play and everything in between. The boundaries are no more. This is our work life.

Photo © Marco Covi

Photo © Marco Covi

Photo © Marco Covi

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