Brief No. 6

17 July 2017


Our world is essentially collective: we need spaces that adapt seamlessly to new situations and our everyday needs (for peace and quiet, for harmony, for beauty in the face of forward motion). We take togetherness seriously. It is at the center of everything we do. Arper collections build on a common design system of shell, base, accessories, material, and palette. Everything works together, flexible, coordinated for high performance. We express ourselves through curation and customization. Performance plus personality: the best experiences put our needs together with our aspirations in subtle, surprising, essential ways.

I Think together

Checking in and signing out with Duna 02, Meety, and Song

II Join together

Working, playing, dining with Saya Mini, Saya, and Dizzie

III Work together

Back and forth with Kinesit, Meety, and Parentesit

IV Reset together

Time out with Leaf

V All together

Side by side with Catifa 46 and Parentesit

VI Be together

At ease with Pix, Zinta, Parentesit, and Dizzie

“Eventually everything connects — people, ideas, objects... The quality of the connections is the key to quality”

Charles Eames

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Brief N°6 — Together

Concept and design: 2x4
Photography: Scheltens & Abbenes
Styling: Studio Bakker
Film stills: Jeannette Altherr, Salva Lopez, Claudia Mauriño, Fran Rios, Alex Rios
Creative Consultant: Jeannette Altherr

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