Kata wins the Delta Awards

19 giugno 2022

© Salva Lopez

The Kata collection, designed by the studio Altherr Désile Park, was recognised at the Delta Awards, Spanish awards organized by ADI-FAD, a Catalan independent and nonprofit association of industrial design founded in Barcelona in 1960.

Since the first edition in 1961, the Delta Awards have been an important channel for promotion and a valuable platform for public recognition for designers in Spain.

© Salva Lopez

The ADI Awards ceremony took place on 15 June, as part of the Barcelona Design Week, an event that emphasizes Barcelona’s energy and highlights Spain’s role in the design field. All the selected products will be included in the dedicated catalogue and can be visited in the exhibition “The best design of the year”, dedicated to the winners of the prizes awarded by the FAD associations in the different disciplines of design, which will be held at Disseny Hub Barcelona from 3 June to 28 August 2022.

Lightweight in form and environmental footprint, Kata is designed with circular sustainability at its core. Arper’s first solid wood lounge chair, Kata takes inspiration from artisan-made wood and woven straw chairs and reimagines the near universal typology using contemporary, sustainable solutions in an expression that’s both graphic and warm. Kata finds form in juxtaposition—an evocative gesture in the movement between material presence and minimal silhouette, softness and strength, tradition and technology.

© Salva Lopez

Roberto Monti, CEO of Arper, comments, “Sustainability has been at the core of Kata since the beginning of the creative journey. It uses technologies and innovations, such as the use of recycled plastics and woods from certified supply chains, that aim to minimize its environmental impact and ensure its longevity. Every achievement is incorporated into the production process and the development of new collections. These achievements are also possible thanks to successful collaborations such as the one with Studio ADP.”

Jeannette Altherr, designer and co-founder of the studio Altherr Désile Park, adds: “Barcelona has been demonstrating for several years now that sustainability means more, nor less, by exploring how our idea of beauty evolves when sustainibiliy leads to a better life. This connects us to Arper's #TheProjectOfLiving - and Kata is just another expression of this idea. We are particulary happy about this award in the creative context of Barcelona, where we live and work.”

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