Arper furnishes Cosmote TV HQ and Studios

28 settembre 2020

Cosmote TV HQ and Studios© Nikos Daniilidis

Designed by London-based architecture and design practice LC Architects and built in Athens, Greece, Cosmote TV HQ and Studios is a new, innovative building inspired by contemporary media and the constant flow of information.

A fluid, open space designed to meet the highest specification, Cosmote TV HQ and Studios sees the transformation of an existing industrial building into an inspirational combination of hybrid workspace environments and state-of-the-art TV studios, pushing the boundaries of innovative architecture and design.

Arper at Cosmote TV HQ© LC Architects

The building is designed to bring together in one building a number of smaller departments, creating an exciting environment for people to work, collaborate and thrive while promoting communication and connection between different teams.

At the core of the building is The Plaza, a dramatic central atrium with cutting-edge acoustic ceiling, entirely furnished with Arper collections including Loop, Colina, Dizzie and Pix. It is a flexible space where staff and visitors can network daily, encouraging collaboration and interaction.

Arper at Cosmote TV HQ© LC Architects

A bridge in the heart of the building connects administrative and creative departments with production and technical spaces, creating a seamless spatial connection which fosters cross-departmental teamwork and team spirit. Arper’s Colina, Dizzie and Pix collections blend in perfectly with the environment thanks to their flexibility, texture, colour and softness.

© LC Architects

The quality of space is maximised by a series of collaborative areas within the building, furnished with Saari, Dizzie and Pix

The architects’ work highlights how design can shape and influence human behaviour and emotions, and is focused on the search of organic forms that are soft and human-centred.

Arper at Cosmote TV HQ© LC Architects

Ermis Chalvatzis, co-founder and director of LC Architects, says: “Space can create emotions through scale, texture, colour, proportions, interactions […] All these qualities make spaces rich and allow people to express themselves, feel relaxed, work, play, learn”.

Arper’s furniture was chosen for this project for its timeless, soft(er) design, allowing the architects to fulfil their vision.

Natassa Lianou, co-founder and director of LC Architects, comments: “We recognize in Arper simple, future-proof design which adds the final touch in each and every project that we do”

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