Contemplative Spaces

01 agosto 2014

© Juan C. Ponsa

Our holiday house is built from the typical rocket walls of Mallorca. An homage to the buildings that populate our long walks on the South East coast of the island, evoking the archaic Mediterranean buildings scattered along the South of Spain.
From outside it feels like a castle, strong but discrete, blending seamlessly into the archetypal scenic surroundings –– we didn’t want it to interrupt the landscape and the view.

© Marco Covi

Inside, however, big white spaces give way to an empty and contemplative quietness.
The window slits open the view to impressive terraces, a field of wheat, pine trees and the sea. Embedded in thick walls, these medieval windows allow a clandestine view out, but seclude the sun and the curious views of passersby from coming in. In this uninterrupted openness, there is room to think.

© Dexter Hodges

The luxury of a holiday house is that you can make it exactly what you want, free from the constraints of necessity.
It is a fantasy, an extraordinary time capsule, an isolated bubble apart from your everyday life. We wanted this space to be an opportunity to clear the mind – like in a cloister – so we selectively choose the few pieces of furniture present. Instead of objects, we fill the space with music while we dedicate ourselves to what we like most: to cook opulent dishes with spices and herbs, to read, to take long walks outside, come back to us, be alone and be together.

© Marco Covi

A Holiday Home
Mallorca, Spain

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