Healthy, Open Office

10 febbraio 2015

© Matthijis van Roon

We believe in light. In fact, our business depends on it. So why shouldn’t that be reflected in our workspace?Working in the field of sustainable energy, we believe that we are all in this together. Our choices as individuals can impact our greater quality of life. Our office is a manifestation of our values, giving employees the freedom to work independently and the opportunity to come together.

© Matthijis van Roon

Our office is centered by an atrium that floods our environment with bright, natural sunlight. Framed by living walls that oxygenate the air, richly hued meeting areas punctuate the large, white, open floor plan. Red, purple and blue carpets create distinct spaces to accommodate a diversity of working styles.

© Matthijis van Roon

Long tables and chairs are gathered for group meetings while enclosed spaces are suited for individual, concentrated work. Colorful groupings of plush chairs and coffee tables create vignettes throughout the space for impromptu meetings.

A fluid arrangement of public and private spaces allow for employees to select the environment that best suits their needs and work style — or to flow between environments, the public and the reserved, the individual and the collective.

© Matthijis van Roon

“It is wonderful to feel like the values I have are not only reflected in the company I work for, but in our office environment, too. Our open floor plan and adaptable furniture makes communication with other team members flexible and easy — we have seating options for individual concentration and then collaborative discussion.”
Maria, Eneco Sales Representative

Brief N°4 Vol. II — Work/Life

Architects: Dam&Partners
Interior Architects: Hofman Dujardin Architects / Fokkema & Partners

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