Laboratory for Learning

20 novembre 2014

© Adrià Cañameras

In education, a student’s environment can be just as impactful as the lessons learned. Dynamic environments are created to instigate new discoveries through various styles of learning: one-on-one talks, group interactions and full class discussions.

© Adrià Cañameras

In dining spaces, chairs and tables are arranged for small gatherings of students or larger groupings for communal meals. These spaces form a foundation for each student — not only as physical support structure, but also as a mental sanctuary that paves the way to a student’s future.

© Marco Covi

Within these walls however, it is not only the student’s needs that must be considered. How a space functions is of equal consideration to the teachers, staff and parents who make up a school’s community.

© Adrià Cañameras

For educators a classroom must operate as a space for learning as well as a space of reflection and discussion with student but also among colleagues. Space helps shape a scalable society of thinkers.

The lessons learned within these walls irrevocably shape the person a student will become. From inspiring future choices to shaping ideas of community, collaboration and life-long learning, the impact of a school extends beyond formal education.

© Adrià Cañameras

These factors confer to create a setting ideally crafted for raising the people of tomorrow: knowledge and respect of what has come before, and room to grow into the future.

“When a student walks into a building or a classroom and sees that the adults have put thoughtful care in creating an inviting, stimulating space, I like to think the student will be more open to the experience of learning. The classroom should be a place where a child can be challenged intellectually and at the same time feel emotional security.”.

Tomas, Teacher

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