My Work is my Life

15 ottobre 2014

© Adrià Cañameras

There are the kinds of careers that call for a division between work and play. And then there are the lucky few for whom work can feel like play. Those charmed ones who are so enamored by their passions that the quitting bells never seem to ring. Their work drives them; it is life.

© Adrià Cañameras

A few miles outside of the urban bustle, this space changes and grows to suit a burgeoning career. In this incubator of ideas, collaborations happen daily with the ever-changing roster of visitors and colleagues.
The space is raw and ready to support the widest range of creative production: the building of a set or preparation for a shoot, staging for an event or performance or even an impromptu exhibit. Walls are a blank canvas, left stark to allow ideas to permeate and then, inevitably, the same walls become a showcase for a rotating body of work.

© Adrià Cañameras

Refrigerators are stocked with a laundry list of creative essentials: film stock, processing chemicals and the occasional take-out. Clean and minimal, this studio can transform into whatever is needed — not just the necessary place to sleep, but a tool kit to execute a creative vision.

© Adrià Cañameras

“Working and living in the same loft allows me to create whenever I am inspired. If it is two in the morning and an idea comes into my head I just get out of bed, walk a few feet to my desk and get started”.

Karl, Photographer

Brief N°4 Vol. I — Life/Work

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