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01 maggio 2014

© Mark Mahaney

LOGAN’s New York office is one half of a bustling, bicoastal media production company. With offices on two coasts and a rotating cast of consultants and contributors, the New York space is a freeflowing center of collaboration and collectivity, unbound by theconstraints of a traditional work environment.

© Mark Mahaney

This dynamic work model is complemented by an equally transformable space. The office’s two rooms each contain continuous worktables, designed to accommodate spur-of-the-moment meetings and serve as a workspace for temporary collaborators. This uninterrupted surface allows for varying points of connection: conversation from design discussion melds into a neighboring production meeting in an endless current — a constellation of dialogues.

© Mark Mahaney

Above, a luminous ceiling casts an even glow and tempers the natural light that arcs throughout the day, providing ideal lighting conditions for glare-free video editing and retouching — a deviation from the standard “dark hole” of video work and a welcome connection to the outside and natural light.

© Mark Mahaney

An even light tone and the spatial ambiguity of translucent fabric walls that envelop the space create a porous scalelessness, a shared environment built for ideas and light to pass through — a constant flux of inspiration, collaboration and connection.

Studio Logan
New York, USA

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