The legacy of the Messner Mountain Museum

28 febbraio 2012

Arper - Castel Firmiano© Juergen Eheim

The Messner Mountain Museum, born of the passion of Mountaineer and Statesman Reinold Messner, is dedicated to man’s encounter with mountains. The museum complex is comprised of five small museum buildings located throughout the Alps, each with individual exhibitions, all devoted to the intimate relationship between man and the mountains throughout the centuries and the world.

Castel Firmiano© Juergen Eheim

Each develop a specific theme: the people, ice, rocks, the religious significance of the peaks, and finally, in the charming location of Castle Firmian, an overview of the universal significance of mountains and the region.

Arper & Reinold Messner© Juergen Eheim

"Mountains are a great repository of knowledge” Messner states “that starts from matter, moves through mankind and is finally realized in art. I wanted to build the Mountain Museum to communicate the varied aspects of this extraordinary culture, and leave a sort of personal legacy: a collection of objects, images, and experiences to share with all who love nature and man”.

Arper Norma Castel Firmiano - Messner Museum© Juergen Eheim

The Messner Mountain Museum invites visitors to rediscover the essential value of living with nature. Norma chairs can be found in the intimate interior spaces of the Castle Firmian. Palm chairs are used in exterior, public spaces. Fred tables are visibile throughout. Their inclusion reflects Arper’s like desire to create essential and immediate design, intuitively evocative of natural forms that fit seamlessly and elegantly into their context.

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