Woohnhuis Weijnen 2.0

11 marzo 2013

Woohnhuis Weijnen 2.0Föllmi Photo-graphy © I see for you

As a follow up to the lauded Woonhuis Residence 1.0, the Dutch practice FARO Architecten recently completed an energy-neutral row house in Ljburg near Amsterdam.

Woohnhuis Weijnen 2.0 utilizes the principles of “cradle-to-cradle,” meaning that the materials used within the structure will either decompose naturally or be repurposed for another use leaving a minimal environmental footprint. The row house is one-hundred percent Carbon Dioxide neutral — a goal realized by bringing the house to a passive level utilizing organic insulation, triple glazing, one-hundred percent liquid-tight joints and heat exchangers for optimized temperature control and comfort.

Temperature can further be regulated by the use of a pellet stove and heat pump to heat the house and adjustable sun-screens to cool the structure. Additional air supply comes from the outside and is heated by a sole ground source heat exchanger located two meters under the house to cool air in summer and heat air in winter. Extra energy for space heating and warm tap water is supplied by warm water collectors integrated in the cornice of the façade.

Woohnhuis Weijnen 2.0Föllmi Photo-graphy © I see for you

To supply electrical energy to the structure, a wind turbine and windmill collect energy to meet the nominal demands of the house. A very large boiler water container provides a large accumulation of energy. To reduce the impact on the water table, rainwater is used for both toilets and laundry, integrating the house into the natural water cycle.

The house has no additional paint or protective coating which could harm the environment, but rather the wooden façade will be charred according to an old Japanese tradition. The burnt top layer preserves the wood and eliminates the need for paint or impregnation. The furniture used in this project follows the same principles than the architecture.

In the kitchen, an old table is combined with green Catifa plastic chairs, a product that is 99% recyclable, mimicking not only the organic aesthetics of the structure, but also the strength of its conceptual identity.

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