Lina Bo Bardi: Together, Az W Vienna

28 maggio 2013

Lina Bo Bardi: Together opening Vienna

‘Lina Bo Bardi: Together’ premiered in winter 2012 at the British Council Gallery in London, is now on tour through Europe — the Architektur Zentrum in Vienna is one of the first stops on this tour.

‘Lina Bo Bardi: Together’ is a film and art installation celebrating the work of the eponymous Italo-Brazilian architect, who has left an impressive legacy. The exhibition is a collaboration between Noemí Blager, Madelon Vriesendorp and Tapio Snellman. It focuses on how people use the buildings by Lina Bo Bardi. Re-enactment enables viewers to experience the buildings directly in their urban context. The exhibition design is by Assemble, a London design and architecture collective. It reflects Bo Bardi’s vision of socially responsible architecture.

Arper identifies with the spirit of Bo Bardi’s design - the pursuit of the essential, the ability to innovate and to place people at the centre of every project. The key part of Lina Bo Bardi’s works is the lives that interact with them – meaning that her buildings are always contemporary as they reflect the people inhabiting them. This ethos is mirrored in Arper’s creative manifesto – the relationships between object and the user are more central to the design process than the object itself.

To reflect these common values of Arper and Bo Bardi, today, for the first time Arper is producing Bardi's Bowl, a chair designed by the Italo-Brazilian architect in 1951 in a limited and numbered edition of 500 pieces.In designing Bardi's Bowl, Arper adopted a balanced approach between remaining faithful to the original design and the added value bestowed by the company's own technical expertise. Each step of this process has been shared with the Instituto Lina Bo e P. M. Bardi, to ensure we complied with Lina Bo Bardi’s original ideas.

Bardi's Bowl Lina Bo Bardi: Together AZ W Vienna

During the exhibition Bardi’s Bowl chair, will be on display at the Architekturzentrum Wien.

Curator: Noemi Blager
Art installation: Madelon Vriesendorp
Film installation: Tapio Snellman
Exhibition design & build: Assemble
Sponsor: Arper

Lina Bo Bardi: Together AZ W Vienna

Thursday 16 May 2013, 7pm

Dietmar Steiner, Az W Director
Noemí Blager, curator of the exhibition
Tapio Snellman, filmmaker
Madelon Vriesendorp, artist
Lewis Jones, Assemble
Claudio Feltrin, Arper CEO

“Lina Bo Bardi:Together”
On view 17 May – 12 June 2013
Architekturzentrum Wien
Exhibition Hall F3
Museumsplatz 11070

Opening times
Monday to Sunday 10.00 to 19.00 hrs
Entrance is free

Lina Bo Bardi. Educating Spaces
Symposium on the occasion of the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Together at Architekturzentrum Wien.

Wednesday 29 May 2013  h 16-21h
Institut für Kunst und Architektur
Lecture Hall, R211a, 2.OG
Akademie der bildenden Künste
WienSchillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna

The precedence of Lina Bo Bardi’s work as an architect is the entrypoint in which the symposium addresses cultural spaces allowing for emancipatory education and the expression of difference and heterogeneity. The speakers of “Educating Spaces” address timely issues of critical architectural, artistic and educational practice for contemporary multi-ethnic societies in global transition.

Speakers: Noemi Blager, Andrew Harrison, Gabu Heindl, Antje Lehn, Catrin Seefranz, Marissa Lôbo, Hansel Sato, Anamarija Batista and Elke Krasny.

More information, photo and videos of the events are available at

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