A Lot With Little in London

11 March 2024
A Lot With Little in London

Opening on April 26th, the multichannel film installation A Lot with Little is on display at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London until May 30th.


A Lot with Little showcases the work of ten international architects from across the globe encompassing four major themes: homes, schools, transformations of existing buildings, and disaster relief.

It features projects with a social dimension that have had a positive impact on the communities they serve.


The immersive experience features selected projects in their existing settings, alongside insightful interviews with the architects themselves. It allows visitors to grasp the design challenges and experience the feeling of inhabiting these spaces, instead of merely appreciating their visual appeal.

Iturbide Studio, Mexico City, by Mauricio Rocha, Stills of A LOT WITH LITTLE, filmed by Tapio Snellman.

The exhibition is curated by Noemi Blager, filmed by Tapio Snellman and supported by Arper.


This collaboration stems from the recognition of shared values: culture, sustainability and care towards people. These values play a central role for us as we aim to become an example of responsible business, by implementing sustainability in the our culture, as well as in our processes and products.


To find out more, please visit the Architectural Association website.