Toward a more sustainable future

04 June 2019
Toward a more sustainable future

In 2005, we were amongst the first ones in the sector to establish an internal department entirely dedicated to sustainability, initiating internal compliance and external certification processes.


We valued the importance of environmental sustainability with an increasing commitment in this area: in 2006, ISO 14001 environmental management system was adopted, in 2007 we began performing the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on some collections, analyzing environmental performance at all stages: from selection of raw materials and production to transport, use, and end-of-life.


Through LCA we obtained the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), an ecolabel that requires the implementation of an LCA study and compliance with a set of pre established requirements, defined by product category (Product Category Rules).

We obtained the first EPD certifications for Catifa 46 and Catifa 53 in 2008.


In 2009, in collaboration with the consulting firm 2B, we developed the Product Category Rules (PCR) for the International EPD System Sweden, which are the criteria necessary to achieve product certifications for companies in the Furnishing and Design sector. These criteria are now recognized and valid for the entire sector and are required for obtaining environmental product certifications.


We are continually investing in sustainability. We work with suppliers to ensure that our products are as low-impact as possible from the very beginning.

Today, many of our products satisfy, both for quality and for sustainability, a wide range of internationally recognized standards.


Over the past few months, we were able to achieve two additional certifications.

Illustration by Michael KirkhamIllustration by Michael Kirkham
© Michael Kirkham

Arper is the first design company in Italy and the second in Europe to obtain the EPD Process Certification for the sector Seats and Furniture, based on the  International EPD System – Sweden.


The EPD Process certifies the process of developing Environmental Declarations within the organization. In fact, thanks to this certification, Arper can autonomously issue Product EPDs, which are the environmental certifications that involve single products. The objective of these documentations is to record the impact products have on the environment via objective, comparable and verifiable data and information.


“Obtaining the EPD Process certification certainly represents a big step forward for our company, which has always strived to operate in a sustainable manner, both in production and design. The market is increasingly becoming more conscious and clients rightly expect companies to play their part in protecting and preserving our planet and our resources. As a company, we plan to intensity our efforts in that direction.” – says Claudio Feltrin, Chairman of the Board at Arper.

Duna 02 EPD certified; © Marco CoviDuna 02 EPD certified; © Marco Covi
Duna 02 EPD certified; © Marco Covi

Arper obtained the FSC certification, which is an independent, third-party international certification issued from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) that guarantees the maximum traceability of the wood. The examination applies to the entire path followed by the material (the so-called Chain of Custody), from the forest to the consumer.

Aava 4 wood legs FSC certified; © Marco CoviAava 4 wood legs FSC certified; © Marco Covi
Aava 4 wood legs FSC certified; © Marco Covi

The certification applies to both the purchased and the sold wood and ensures that materials coming from controversial sources, such as illegal felling, are not used in the production chain. FSC is the internationally recognized body that sets the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest or plantation, both environmentally and socially.

Aava 4 wood legs FSC certified; © Marco CoviAava 4 wood legs FSC certified; © Marco Covi
Aava 4 wood legs FSC certified; © Marco Covi

To learn more about Arper Certifications and environmental approach visit our Sustainability Section.