Designers In Residence on Soft(er)

14 ottobre 2019

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Arper presents a new initiative in partnership with the Design Museum in London: Designers in Residence on Soft(er).

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This event aims to foster debate on how being, living and thinking soft(er) can enrich our lives, as selected Designers in Residence 2019 explore this theme to develop new, thought-provoking ideas.

© Black Edge Productions

Designers in Residence is a Design Museum’s annual programme to nurture and support a group of emerging designers as they respond to the world around them.
Now in its 12th edition, this platform has been successful in elevating the careers of a new generation of designers, providing time and space away from their regular environment to reflect, research and develop new projects.

On October 24, Designers in Residence 2019 Mále Uribe Forés, Marta Giralt and Stiliyana Minkowska will present in our London showroom an intimate salon and unique display exploring the design of new, soft(er) spaces: spaces that are manifestations of human values – connection, sensitivity, comfort and ease – and designed with humanity at their core. By invitation only.

Designers in Residence on Soft(er) will be on public display at Arper London showroom from Friday 25 October until Friday 8 November.

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