Thank You Luigi

05 aprile 2020

© Giovanni Gastel

In recent months,
11 children have been born to Arper employees.
There’s nothing more fulfilling than
giving young people a chance to succeed
in their work and family.
It is a good sign.
I tell young people that we may find a few
difficulties and obstacles along our life’s path.
But they mustn’t get downhearted at the first hurdle,
they should stop and think things over.
Not for too long, a quarter of an hour at most.
And start out again, making the most of any mistakes.
Start out again and do things better.
Don’t get discouraged, think things over.
It has happened to me several times.
I just stopped and then started out again.
I tell them: “Trust in yourselves, and your own resources
And don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

Luigi Feltrin
23.11.1934 – 05.04.2020

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