What does (Re)New Together mean to you?

05 settembre 2021

Arper Showroom, © Francesco Frippi

A chance to spend time together, meet and share.  To hug, recognise a smile and shake hands. But also to get back to exchanging ideas in the flesh, to learn, create and innovate.  

How many meanings can getting back together have? 



In a moment of great change, which has forced us to change our habits, we reflected on the sense of being together; we understood that it can include highly personal gestures and experiences, to the extent that they have different nuances for everyone. 

We imagined just a few, also with the help of our products, but above all we wanted to ask our guests what getting back together means, for each of them.  

Arper Showroom, © Francesco Frippa

They surprised us with manifold, fun, creative and sometimes even moving ideas. 

An evening of lightness (in full safety!) at the Arper showroom in Via Pantano

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