Holistic Hospitality

12 December 2022
Holistic Hospitality

The hotel “Bourgoensch Hof” is a medium sized three-star hotel in the heart of the old town of Bruges, Belgium. Tucked away between historical sights, medieval city scape and a courtyard that once belonged to a brewery, the interior stands out in a minimalist aesthetic and conscious pops of color. Recently, the hotel has undergone a thorough re-design, updating the traditional building and hospitality areas as well as guest rooms to make it adhere to a more contemporary design aesthetic. 

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From the reception area, to the hotel bar as well as existing and newly added guest rooms in an adjacent building, that was formerly a carpet store, the entire building has undergone a facelift. The result is an elegant combination of bright and luminous spaces with white walls and natural wooden elements that are combined with furniture in colors specific to the area.


Interior designer Pieter Schoolaert realized the project in sincere and warm collaboration with the owners of the hotel.

With close attention to historic elements of Bruges, Schoolaert introduced color in a very deliberate way. The main hues utilized in the hotel – red, green and yellow – all have direct links to the city’s history: “We worked with a timeless true base to which typical Bruges colors were added:
Red for the many brick roofs in Bruges, used especially on the top floor that looks out over them. Wagon green, which is typical for Bruges and is echoed in many local windows and surrounding greenery. Ochre yellow works as a link to the gold leaf in the facades of the medieval town. Neutral grey refers to the bluestone sills and wall panels of the historic building, guests are staying in.”

When choosing furniture to complement his overall vision for the renewed interior, Schoolaert gravitated towards designs by the Italian manufacturer Arper, known for its high-quality products as well as a wide selection of available versions of each design.


To the Belgian interior designer, the company embodies “beautiful design with exceptional ease of use and long durability. Also the wide range of available colors and materials spoke to me greatly".


The flexible Arper pouf Pix helps create an inviting and recognizable reception area, while the organic lines of the Duna 02 chairs provide visual highlights in different color settings all throughout the hotel. The aesthetic and functional tables Dizzie and Wim complement the desired vision and transform Bourgoensch Hof into a contemporary and soft(er) hotel.

Holistic Hospitality Holistic Hospitality Holistic Hospitality Holistic Hospitality Holistic Hospitality Holistic Hospitality


Interior Designer: Pieter Schoolaert

Photo: allt