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Milan, New York, London, Shanghai and Tokyo. We have scrutinized these cities during the period of healthcare emergency and social distancing. How are urban spaces changing? Are new issues being brought to light by the pandemic, or has it simply placed new emphasis on problems that already existed? We talked it over with Martina Orsini, PhD., designer and scholar of architecture and urbanism, co-founder of IBIDEM, an international platform for design and research.
Wellbeing in the workplace as a holistic sensation. In a moment when spaces are being reorganized with an accent on sharing, we asked Davide Ruzzon, architect and expert on neurosciences, to provide some advice on how to set up spaces.
Well beyond the re-greening of spaces, biophilia is not just a workplace trend but an applied science to improve life and reduce stress. We talked about it with two biophilic consultants: Bettina Bolten and Moss.
After Milan, New York, London and Shanghai, we close our first series of articles focusing on the world’s big cities with a look at the new normality in Tokyo. A new, smarter organisation of labour could be one of the strategic keys to guiding change.
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