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E [email protected]

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Arper SPA
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Arper at NeoCon 2019

Arper is participating in NeoCon 2019 at the brand’s new permanent showroom (3rd floor Suite#349) in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, June 10-12.

Arper’s expanded footprint in the building, at 2,145 square feet comparing to the previous 1,700 square feet, is a reflection of the brand’s recent growth in the U.S. “We see incredible potential in the U.S. as one of the fastest growing markets for design and workspace needs worldwide,” said Claudio Feltrin, Chairman of the Board at Arper.

The new showroom presents a range of commercial environments - geared to office, lounge and learning spaces - in alignment with Arper’s human-centric approach to design.

The company will communicate its interpretation of the evolution of everyday life and workspaces, and tracing a new direction embodied in the “Soft(er)” concept -- our lives are stretched by a sense of all-at-once-ness. In response, we seek out people, places, and things that keep us grounded. We keep things close. We search out comfort, convenience and clarity. We look for flexible spaces that support our needs intuitively, materials and forms that feel good, environments that put us at ease so we can get to the business of living. Each in our own way, we are looking for something soft, softer, in a world that at times seems rough around the edges.

From Arper’s earliest days, the softer approach to living, learning, and working has framed everything the company created. Arper’s families of products are manifestations of essential human values – connection, sensitivity, comfort and ease. Arper’s NeoCon presentation is a visual interpretation of the Soft(er) concept by showcasing products with soft materials, welcoming shapes, and soothing colors.


Paravan Mood, design by Lievore Altherr Valdés

The Paravan Collection’s robust modularity is amplified by a set of Accessories that add an additional layer of use and personalization to the streamlined system of panels. Paravan’s carefully composed geometry functions as a clean backdrop for collecting and exhibiting personal items or objects of inspiration, adding a personal touch to the minimal system.

Paravan’s sculptural form is complemented by enhanced functionality in an accessories set designed to help organize and personalize spaces. Paravan’s modular system of panels can be combined to create elegant curvatures or basic quadrants in customizable patterns, materials, and colors. With the addition of Paravan Mood, delineated spaces can be further personalized with options for a whiteboard, hook, mirror, wall-mount or panel-mount magazine holder, slim-line shelf, socket tower or desk panel. Paravan Mood are created from bended metal in matte white or dark grey finish. The desk panel can be covered in Arper’s complete collection of fabric finishes lending additional options for customization to office spaces, lounge areas, meeting areas, restaurants, or learning spaces.


Saul, design by Jean-Marie Massaud

A trusty partner. Substantial, yet lightweight, Saul tables are allies and complements to the Arper collection of sofas and soft furnishings. An expansive plane rests gently on sloping legs, conferring durability yet graceful sensitivity. Materially rich tabletop finish options of marble or silkscreened smoked glass lend tactile presence to this agreeable form.

Saul collection of tables is graphic in form and slender in execution. Aluminum legs in optional heights (28,5, 36,5, or 42,5 centimeters) support tabletop options in various shapes and sizes. A small or large square, a round circle or a rectangle tabletop can be customized in black silkscreened smoked glass or white marble. The bold yet delicate lines of the Saul collection are designed to integrate with the Arper collection of couches, like Steeve and Sean, offering a sturdy and supportive partner to Arper’s array of plush and soft furnishings.


Planesit, design by Lievore Altherr Valdés

Strong and serene, Planesit adds to Kinesit’s intuitive, built-in technology and superlative comfort, and offers a new, accessible expression of ergonomic support. The addition of a wide armrest serves as a small writing tablet and enhances the chair’s effortless functionality. Visually, the intersection of Planesit’s horizontal and vertical planes telecasts playful geometry inspired by graphic paintings of the 20th century.

The Planesit is an evolution in Soft Tech—now made even more accessible to a wider audience. Intuitive and invisible technology is embedded into Planesit, leaving a discreet and elegant silhouette that belies its supportive cushioning. Plush padding and an Ergonomic Regulation maximum A rating ensure hours of comfort. The refined 5-way base is available in stool or chair height, in black or white.

The protective backrest offers shelter and protection in two heights: low profile for meeting and conference rooms, and high for creative workspaces. Both heights are available in mesh or customizable upholstery, with or without 3D armrests. For optimal comfort, the striking armrests can be further specified in a small or wide width that serves as a support for a small tablet or smartphone.


Stacy, design by Lievore Altherr

High performance in a quiet gesture, the stacking chair has grown up. The Stacy collection is inspired by classical architecture in colors that evoke structural materiality—brick, rust, sandstone, marble, iron—yet remains visually and physically lightweight. Discrete and distinguished, Stacy lends sophistication to modular seating needs.

The Stacy collection blends functionality with understated elegance. The essential form is lightweight at only 5.5 kg. It can be trolley stacked up to 40 chairs for ease of transport in provisional and impromptu seating environments like universities, conference rooms, auditoriums, churches, or public spaces. The sled base is available chromed or painted in four different colors, with or without armrests; the shell is in polypropylene, with upholstered seat or fully upholstered, or fire retardant plastic finishes. Or create custom material pairings by combining different seat and backrest finish options: mono-color, colored seat and back, or black seat with a colored back. A suite of accessory options including a left or right side detachable writing tablet, a linking system, row spacer, numbering system and trolley for stacking enhance Stacy’s functionality, while delicate details like a comfortable waterfall seat shape and gentle sloping backrest make this robustly practical chair anything but basic.


Cila Go, design by Lievore Altherr

Learning environments designed to inspire. Cila Go proposes new aesthetic possibilities for the Learning Sector while providing all the functionality necessary for this specific context — mobility for group collaboration, quiet space for independent work, accessories for technology-

enabled learning for the ever-expanding notion of the classroom.

Cila Go offers expanded possibilities for seating and includes a stool, a chair and an armchair designed for learning and training contexts and contract uses.

The Cila Go base with a seat pad serves as a stool with castors. Compact yet supremely functional, it offers storage options for books, briefcases or backpacks, tablets, computers, and supplies. The multi-base base extends seating configurations from modular work environment to the responsive classroom.

The combination of Cila Go base with Cila chair shells, with or without armrests, becomes a flexible workstation designed specifically for the Learning Sector. Wheels on the base create ease in forming flexible seating configurations in classrooms—from bigger group arrangements in rows or circles, small group pod learning, or individual space. A desktop with swing arm accommodates laptops, tablets, books, or notebooks; sized 50x33,5 cm, it is available in black or white.


Il fascino colorato, grafico e audace di Pix si può oggi apprezzare anche all’esterno su tutta la collezione. Vivace e invitante, Pix Outdoor è stata integrato di una nuova tecnologia impermeabile, estesa a tutti i modelli. Ora la famiglia di pouf Pix può rallegrare tutti i contesti outdoor e sotto qualunque cielo: con la pioggia o il sole.

Da oggi l’apprezzata collezione Pix può essere utilizzata all’aperto in tutta sicurezza. Una membrana innovativa è stata inserita tra l’imbottitura interna e il tessuto di rivestimento esterno, così da impedire ogni infiltrazione d’acqua. Questa soluzione, che spalanca le porte a tutti gli utilizzi outdoor, si estende all’intera famiglia Pix, rotondi e quadrati, disponibile nelle misure mini, 1, 2, 3 o 5 posti con ampie opzioni di colori e tessuti: quale che sia il tempo, comfort e divertimento all’aria aperta sono ora possibili in totale libertà.


Ancora più modularità per la collezione di sedute Cila Go, grazie all’introduzione di un nuovo fusto a cinque razze. Anticipando le necessità – in continua evoluzione – del settore educativo e del contract, Cila Go offre una combinazione di seduta, contenitore e tavoletta opzionale in un sistema mobile, semplice e completo.

Progettata per rispondere ai bisogni del settore educativo e del segmento contract, Cila Go è una postazione mobile completa, completamente personalizzabile sulla base degli spazi e delle necessità, grazie alle molteplici opzioni disponibili. Il nuovo fusto a 5 razze è compatibile con le versioni sedia e poltroncina nelle versioni in polipropilene o con un cuscino di seduta opzionale. Questa versione di Cila Go può essere corredata da una tavoletta girevole (50 x 33,5 cm) che aggiunge flessibilità e completezza a un ambiente di lavoro modulare.

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