Brief N°4 Vol. I – Life/Work

30 aprile 2014

Illustration © Michael Kirkham

The “office” is no more: we live, we work. We move seamlessly between spaces, states of mind, disciplines and ideas.

Photo © Marco Covi; Illustration © Michael Kirkham

Photo © Marco Covi

All the categories have changed: cafés are libraries, airport lounges are conference rooms, and gardens are study carrels.

Photo © Adrià Cañameras; Illustration © Michael Kirkham

Today’s contract world is softer, more fluid, more generous, more adaptive, and more diverse.

Photo © Adrià Cañameras; Illustration © Michael Kirkham

We shape our environments to model our values and ideals, not only our productivity or efficiency. Our projects, our purpose, our fun, our distractions fall somewhere between work and the business of living. This is our work life.

Photo © Adrià Cañameras

Photo © Adrià Cañameras

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