Designing a sustainable way forward

05 settembre 2021

How does the idea of a sustainable product come to life? What initiatives, techniques and technologies help designers to design with "a reduced environmental impact"? And, once the idea becomes an object, are current production processes ready to facilitate this transition?

Design, production, but also a heightened awareness in people, shared culture, a vision of a healthier planet.

Arper Event, © Francesco Frippa© Francesco Frippa

These are the topics at the centre of the conversation that took place yesterday at the Arper showroom in Via Pantano, between the designers Jeannette Altherr, Jean Marie Massaud Daniel Stromborg (Studio Gensler).

Starting from their latest creations for Arper, in which sustainability was a central project driver, the three designers shared experiences and perspectives. At the centre, the essential target of contributing towards respect for the delicate balance between humans and nature, through design and architecture.



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