A Gathering place

28 gennaio 2015


© Adrià Cañameras

The orchestra of the café is getting in tune. A staccato of clanking plates, espresso steam shriek, the boom-boom-boom bass and the hum of chattering voices conspire together in a wash of ambient sound to jog the brain.

© Adrià Cañameras

Among the sounds of the café, a different kind of ensemble is gathering. A blogger observes the crowd and makes occasional notes on an open laptop. Seated next to her, a writer scratches away in a notebook while two neighboring students underline open textbooks. Conversation between two friends is interrupted by the arrival of their drink order while nearby an interview begins between a journalist and his subject. The café hums with energy as work lives and personal lives intermingle.

© Adrià Cañameras

In this relaxed environment, among the throng of voices and activity, work and life coexist. A business meeting diffuses into the chatter of friends. Drafting emails is informed by a quick glance at a favorite blog. The change of pace is refreshing. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery. That, and a cup of coffee.

© Adrià Cañameras

“Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’ve been able to make my love of fashion a profession so the separation between work and life often gets muddled. With my hectic schedule of interviews, shoots and bookings, my work takes place all over the city. For me, it is usually a stop in a café to compose a few emails, grab a coffee or meet a friend or client and then I’m off again.”

Jeremy, Blogger

Brief N°4 Vol. I — Life/Work

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