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07 agosto 2014

© Marco Covi

The strong Mediterranean sunlight has all but faded from Girona’s medieval quarter where we gather together along the badiu. Overlooking Sant Domènec Square, we feel ensconced among the grand houses and narrow streets of this ancient urban environment.For generations, the inhabitants of this city have tended these structures, building and rebuilding, restoring them with carefully honed skill.

© Enrich Duch

As we turn towards the fireplace where the flickering glow lights the faces of our assembled friends, firelight catches against the walls and highlights the prehistoric fossils contained within the local stones of our sixteenth century home.

© Marco Covi

© Wei Lin Tse

Though the space has been refined over centuries, we feel the purity of the materials around us, and the history of those who came before us imprinted in the solid, thick walls.

© Marco Covi

Though today this space has been reconstructed with a contemporary and sophisticated feel, there is something essential in its composition and muted palette. Rough materials like corten steel, concrete and oak are seen in their most pure, expressive es- sence giving way to the pleasure of what is essential: space, light, shadow, stone, fire, humanity.

© Marco Covi

A home with history
Girona, Spain

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