Chairs and Stools

Designer chairs and stools for interiors and exteriors in both residential and contract settings. Customisable seating, ideal for dynamic, modern spaces, for the many facets of a harmonious, comfortable lifestyle.

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  1. 0776_Arper_CATIFA46_CRO_PO00115__0474.jpg
    Plastic, Sled
  2. 3936_Arper_CILA_LU1__ES13048_2219.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Trestle On Castors
  3. Aava02_7619_55230
    Fully Upholstered, Sled
  4. Catifa53_3128_54940
    Removable Cover, Five Ways on Castors
  5. 5132_Arper_MIXU_V25__CV00114+ES01061_5804.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, 4 Legs
  6. 3367_Arper_CATIFA53_CRO__CV00134_2075.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Sled
  7. 5130_Arper_MIXU_LG0022_PM00003_ST00576_5817.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, Wood Legs
  8. 3820_Arper_CILA_CRO__RW00448_2228.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Sled
  9. 4233_Arper_CILAGO_PA00002_PC00005__2312.jpg
    Plastic, Five Ways on Castors with Writing Tablet
  10. Catifa46_0487_55068
    Plastic, Trestle On Glides
  11. 5016_Arper_KINESIT_V12_PA00001_TI00120_4859.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Trestle On Glides
  12. 4483_Arper_DUNA02_CRO_PP0006_DV00886_4225.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, Four Ways
  13. 0616_Arper_CATIFA46_CRO__HA00126_0253.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, 4 Legs
  14. 3865_Arper_CILA_L0020__ES01003_2225.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Wood Legs
  15. 5134_Arper_MIXU_V25_PM00001_R100414_5812.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, 4 Legs
  16. 3422_Arper_CATIFA53_L0020_PO00401_RX00326_2086.jpg
    Plastic Frontally Upholstered, Wood Legs
  17. 4178_Arper_CILAGO_PA00001__HA00526_2317.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Five Ways on Castors with Writing Tablet
  18. 4206_Arper_CILAGO_PA00001_PC00005_HA00130_2311.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, Five Ways on Castors
  19. 5009_Arper_KINESIT_V12_PA00001_RV00858_4853.jpg
    Mesh Back And Upholstered Seat, Trestle On Glides
  20. 4010_Arper_CILA_V24_PC00001_FD00351_2217.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, Trestle On Castors
  21. 5031_Arper_KINESIT_V39_PA00002_RW00828_4852.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Five Ways on Castors
  22. 2543_Arper_CATIFA46_V39__CV00174_0375.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Trestle On Glides
  23. 0606_Arper_CATIFA46_CRO__CT00120_0484.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, Sled
  24. 4264_Arper_CILAGO_PC00003_PC00003_DI00567_2302.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, Storage Base On Castors
  25. 5420_Arper_SAYA_V39_L0023_D100413_3712.jpg
    Wood Upholstered Seat Pad, Sled
  26. Saari_2703_55170
    Fully Upholstered, 4 Legs
  27. 4664_Arper_DUNA02_V39_PP0004_CV00996_4216.jpg
    Plastic Frontally Upholstered, Trestle On Glides
  28. 3845_Arper_CILA_CRO_PC00003_CV00356_2209.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, Sled
  29. Catifa46_0322_55059
    Removable Cover, Trestle On Glides
  30. 5156_Arper_NORMA___PT00140_1712.jpg
    Fully Upholstered, 4 Legs
  31. Ply_3801_1000
    Wood, Wood Legs
  32. 5473_Arper_STACY_V12_PS00001_RX00816_6601.jpg
    Plastic Upholstered Seat Pad, Sled
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