Arper for The World Around 2021

24 gennaio 2021

© The World Around

Founded by Diego Marroquin and Beatrice Galilee in 2020 and currently ad its second edition, The World Around gathers progressive and design-focused organizations and thought leaders in architecture, design, arts and technology to examine the impact and role of design in culture today through annual global summits and year-round gatherings.
Arper is a supporter of The World Around in 2021.

For Freedoms / Wide Awakes © Jeff Vespa

The World Around Summit 2021  Architecture's Now, Near, and Next showcased 20 ground-breaking architecture and design projects from the past year, with speakers placing an urgent focus on issues from equity, health, and the environment to racial justice and indigenous rights.

Taking place on Saturday 30 January and marking the launch of a year-long residency at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, The World Around live-streamed discussions from award-winning international architects, designers, filmmakers, researchers, and artists in situ from 14 cities and cultural institutions.

With viewers across the globe participating in the day-long event, this year’s Summit reflected The World Around’s ongoing mission to challenge and expand the expectations of architecture’s now, near, and next; accelerate the impact of work in the field; and connect individuals, organizations, and industries that are driving architecture and design today.

Ryūe Nishizawa | Ochoquebradas House ​​​© Cristobal Palma

Beatrice Galilee, co-founder of The World Around and the curator of this edition, said, “It’s a great sign for the value of architecture that thousands of people from across the globe tuned into our Summit this year. The diverse presentations from our speakers demonstrated that listening to visionary cultural agents – whether filmmakers, anthropologists, artists, or activist architects – is central to understanding and solving the many critical issues we face today, from COVID-19, racial justice, the preservation of indigenous cultures, or climate change. I am so inspired by and thankful to our presenters, whose sensitivity, optimism, innovation and clear-thinking make me feel that the future is in good hands. I thank the Guggenheim Museum for hosting this vital dialogue, and our partners – Facebook Open Arts, Arper, Dezeen, PIN-UP, and WeTransfer – who all helped make this event a success. The World Around is excited to now be in residence at the Guggenheim for the rest of the year, and we look forward to announcing further details of our collaboration in the coming months.”

Arper chose to support The World Around because of the common values they both share – in particular, the attention towards the environment, which has been an integral part of the company’s DNA since its beginning and is expressed through our durable, timeless furnishings, valuing lightness and simplicity, aiming to reduce materials to a minimum.

Watch TWA Summit 2021 - Architecture's Now, Near & Next



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