A color Journey


The exhibition "Lina Bo Bardi In Full Color" explores the different color directions expressed in the Bardi's Bowl Chair by various experts.


A simple gesture, a sensuous feel. The fluid form of Cila was inspired by the image of layers of cloth enveloping the body. Its silhouette of smooth lines retains a graphic character from its distinctive curve –– the most essential symbol of shelter.

Domestic Program

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Parfums Christian Dior

“There is a certain gentility in Arper’s design, though it also has strong character. The collections have a clear identity, but at the same time they can adapt to the personality of the brand and the needs of the project, thanks to the great variety of available finishes.”

Where: Paris, Frances
Architect: Saguez & Partners
Photo: Seignette Lafontan
Arper products: Loop, Pix, Steeve, Arcos, Cila, Colina, Catifa Up, Dizzie


Kata wins the FX Awards
Kata, designed by Altherr Désile Park, is the recipient of the Product of the Year category at the FX International Design Awards 2021
Biophilia, a science for interior design
Well beyond the re-greening of spaces, biophilia is not just a workplace trend but an applied science to improve life and reduce stress. We talked about it with two biophilic consultants: Bettina Bolten and Moss.
Mixu wins the Stylepark Selected Award
La collezione Mixu ha ricevuto lo Stylepark Selected Award, premio promosso da Stylepark, una dei portali internazionali di architettura e design più rinomati.
Mixu wins the Best of Products Awards
La collezione Mixu ha ricevuto il Best of Products Awards, premio promosso da The Architect’s Newspaper
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