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Beauty takes many shapes. Pouf, seat with backrest, and bench, Ralik is a fully modular system with elements that can be used in conjunction or apart, as life demands.


Onemm, is the abbreviation of "One Millimetre" : like origami creations that fold paper into form, Onemm bends a single sheet of steel into a slender, sculptural, rigid and resistant table.

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Innovative Coworking Space

"The products we have chosen perfectly interpret not only the present, but also the future of the office world, where design and technology come together.”

Where: Treviso, Italy
Exteriors: studio EXiT
Interiors: Squared Architects in collaboration with the Superintendence of Cultural and Archaeological Heritage of the Veneto region
Photo: Marco Zanta
Arper products: Pix, Duna 02, Dizzie, Arcos, Stacy


Future schools
The models applied in architecture for schools are by now obsolete. What objectives and new structures should form the basis of the design of spaces closer to the needs of students and teachers?
Offices in tune with people
How can I work well in an office? The design of workspaces has the task of conveying specific values and strategies. Three factors are important: biophilia, entertainment and the phygital dimension. We talked about it with COIMA Image, cy architecture and Cisco.
The relationship between people and the form of space
The “space syntax” of Bill Hillier, to study and design the relationship between architecture, the movement of people and the quality of contexts. A theory that is still timely today.
When nature enters the home
An interview with the Spanish architect Susanna Cots, the Los Angeles-based studio Fleetwood Fernandez, and the Australian designers McMahon & Nerlich, on the design of “mid-door” spaces, between indoor and outdoor areas of the home.
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