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Harmonious shapes, dynamic colors, versatile systems and diverse perspectives that shape what’s next. A responsive design that helps us live better with our planet.

The Project of Living

The boundaries between home and work are gone. Now ‘living’ means all the different things we do in a day. Everything’s in flux, so anything is possible.

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AmberMeeting Office

“We chose Arper because all our design ideas fit very well with its products, due to their incredible versatility and the wide range of fabrics and forms offered. We felt that these products were perfectly in line with the space.”

Where: Xi’An, China
Architect: HONG Designworks
Designers: Dang Ming / Li Dandi
Photo: Tan Xiao | Ten Photo Studio
Arper products: Dizzie, Pix, Catifa 46, Catifa 80, Kiik, Catifa Up, Paravan


Sustainability as a strategic choice
In the lack of environmental standards and rules in the furniture industry, certain analytical tools like LCA permit the creation of expertise and a strategic method that can become a competitive advantage.
What we do not know
that we do not know
Looking at the unknown as an act of awareness, in the words of Stefano Boeri. And the unknown as a tool of interdisciplinary research, interpreted by Ersilia Vaudo and Marco Sammicheli. Guidelines for the 23rd Milan Triennale.
Kata wins the People's Choice at the AZ Awards
Kata collection, by Altherr Désile Park, wins the People’s Choice Award at the AZURE AZ Awards
Optimism, collective action and sustain-ability
The power of sweeping visions to grasp the complexity of design. And “sustain-ability” as a collective and proactive strategy for the future. We talked it over with Shashi Caan, an architect and educator based in New York.
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