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Which reasons will be able to get us back into offices? How will workspaces change? In short, the themes and trends of the near future, as they emerged in two days of talks organized by NeoCon.

Arper for Outdoor

“Colors: a journey through art and design”: a vibrant series of five videos which will lead you to discover the world of colors through a different perspective.
The fourth episode is dedicated to the “Color in architecture and design".

Maggie's at the Royal Marsden

"The design scheme for Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden has been conceived to complement the excellent services of the hospital, providing a calm oasis set in a peaceful garden – somewhere to escape to and take strength from."

インスピレーション: Maggie's at the Royal Marsden
どこ: Long Beach, 英国
設計: Ab Rogers Design
写真: Ab Rogers Design
Arper products: Arcos — チェア, Arcos — アームチェア


Staycation and lifestyle How hotels are changing
Abby Bullard, Senior Interiors Associate of Stonehill Taylor, Werner Aisslinger, founder of the German firm of the same name, and Giuseppe Varsavia, founder of the new Italian design company Detales, talk about the rapid changes taking place in hospitality formats.
Work: what we have learned from the pandemic
In the office of the future, personal wellbeing will be an increasingly central factor. We will see more mixed formulas of living space and workspace, increasingly connected to the panorama of services in the city. We talked it over with Despina Katsikakis, Head of Occupier Business Performance at Cushman&Wakefield.
Arper for The World Around 2021
Arper support the two upcoming events of The World Around in 2021, that gathers progressive and design-focused organizations and thought leaders in architecture, design, arts and technology to examine the impact and role of design in culture today
Adell wins the Iconic Award
Arper receives the Iconic Award for its Adell collection