自然特有の不規則さを思わせるような曲線の多いアイロニックなシルエット。水にすり減らされて丸みを帯びた石を思わせるテーブルトップの形からイレギュラーなフレームのデザインまでが木の枝や葉脈を彷彿とさせる Leaf は、ノスタルジーと未来的感覚を両立した一種のマニフェストです。

Cabanon 2.0. for living together outdoors

Contemporary cabins envisioned for a holistic natural dimension, respecting and coexisting with places and their characteristics.



インスピレーション: Long Beach Civic Center
どこ: Long Beach, ニューヨーク
設計: SOM
写真: Fotoworks/Benny Chan
Arper products: Dizzie, Pix, Catifa 46, Catifa 70


Sustainable textiles: ancient and recycled materials
Textile sustainability in a wider analysis. Processes of circular economy, materials recycled from chains of production, and ancient fibers deployed in new ways. Some examples from the international textile industry.
Arper at Clerkenwell Design Week
Arper is delighted to join the 13th edition of Clerkenwell Design Week, the UK’s leading independent design festival.
The Venice Art Biennale as a tribute to new alliances
The 59th Venice International Art Biennale focuses on the themes of human identity and new possibilities of coexistence between animal, plant and non-human systems. To discover new harmonies and interpretations of the world.
Arper 「オルガテック東京 2022」 出展のご案内
Arperは、日本初上陸となるオフィス家具見本市「オルガテック東京 2022」に出展いたします。